Mel Scaffold

I help people and organisations achieve sustainable, positive change through creative consultancy, facilitation and coaching.

Whether you’re at a crossroads with your work, idea or company, or want to turn that big tangle of possibilities into clear plans, I can provide the thinking and tools to make it happen.

I bring insight, enthusiasm and expertise, helping discover and develop the potential in people and processes.

I’m an independent Creative Consultant with 18 years’ experience in arts and culture. Having run organisations and supported many individuals and companies, I know what it’s like to work in the creative sector; I understand the challenges, opportunities and landscape. I know that sometimes you need a new perspective, approach or injection of inspiration.

Work With Me


I believe in the transformative potential of holding space well, from invitation to evaluation.

Based on your specific needs, challenge or opportunity, I’ll work with you to design an event/workshop/process that will help you generate ideas, strategies and plans.

It might be organisational, strategic or sector development, kickstarting a process or project, or bringing a new team or board together. I’ll make sure it embodies your values, and builds strong relationships.


If you need help shaping your idea, programme or organisation, I can work directly with you, providing inspiration, advice and expertise.

If you want to codify your knowledge, grow your company, or find your value proposition, I will bring insight and practical solutions that help you grow and thrive.


Are you feeling stuck, confused or lost? Do your confidence, creativity or focus need a boost? Coaching can give you space to change and grow, finding your own solutions with the support of someone focused just on you.

Mentoring offers a different approach, often using similar tools but also providing advice, guidance and knowledge where appropriate.

We can work together to find the best fit for your needs.

Action Learning

Action Learning is a powerful tool that enables you to develop problem-solving skills that can you can apply in all areas of your life and work.

It brings peers together into a facilitated ‘action learning set’ where they can work through issues and develop ideas and practical solutions in a safe, supportive space.

Benefits include developing listening, problem-solving and leadership skills; creating practical plans; receiving supportive challenge, and building lasting peer support networks.

Together with Sarah Pym, I offer Action Learning facilitation to organisations and networks, and across sectors and partnerships.


I provide development support, consultancy and coaching to inspiring organisations and individuals. Recent clients include Creative Youth Network, Kaleider, Raucous, Pins and Needles, Can’t Sit Still, DOCA, and Handstand Arts, the company who deliver Circus City festival.

I am the former CEO of Theatre Bristol where I led the strategic development of the organisation and its team until July 2020. Before that I worked as a Producer and Project and Business Manager with companies including Arnolfini, Create Gloucestershire, Huxley, Apples & Snakes, Real Ideas and Theatre Royal Plymouth.

I am Chair of Trustees for Firebird Theatre, a company of disabled artists, and Advisory Board member for Action Hero.

I am an accredited Coach through Relational Dynamics 1st, an ILM accredited Wellbeing Coach, and have been an ILM accredited Action Learning (group coaching) Facilitator for 13 years.

I am committed to upholding the values of equity and inclusion in my work.


I would recommend Mel for her extensive relevant professional background, her active network, her ability to bring a crucial mix of top level strategic planning with boots on the ground experience, and her passion for the work and making a difference. I also find Mel's personal approach to be warm, humorous, and compassionate in a way that makes work deceptively light and enjoyable whilst also getting shit done.

Nick Young, Creative Director, Creative Youth Network

Raucous works regularly with Mel as someone who brilliantly keeps our company's vision crystal clear in terms of business planning, development and positioning. She is always a hugely influential cheerleader when we discuss with her any aspirations we may have for the future of the company and then becomes instrumental in helping us build a roadmap as to how we might achieve those goals.

For us, her main super hero strength is in listening and reflecting. She holds a mirror up and then points out, oh so gently, where and how we might shape our ambitions and how to voice them when they can often be quite complex. It is a rare skill to be able to hold a company for a moment, allowing them the space to examine about their creative belief system and then carving out the route forward as a business - Mel is a doyenne at it.

Sharon Clark, Artistic Director, Raucous

I have loved working with Mel to give shape to our ideas and bring them into a work-through-able plan. She has opened up new avenues of thinking & strategic insight, and held our board and team beautifully, carefully, creatively, through insightful discussions which have helped us articulate our mission and values.

Jay Haigh, Company Manager, Can’t Sit Still

I'm often feeling and thinking my way towards things that Mel is able to perfectly crystalise into aims and actions. It's like she can see inside my head and reach for the gems that are clouded in questions and confusion. She's like God, but more useful!

Mentoring Client

All our Trustees [on our Away Day] really warmed to Mel, she hit the right balance between informality and total professionalism which they really responded to. They all agreed it was time well spent and I think it really helped focus everyone’s thoughts. Mel cleverly wove questions into the day that reminded everyone how much they love what our organisation does and why they came to it in the first place. This really helps to gather energy for what is a day of quite demanding work. She made the experience warm and friendly and kept the pace up throughout the day.

Loz Samuels, Artistic Director, DOCA


If you'd like to find out more about how I can help you or your organisation, drop me an email and I'll get back to you to arrange a call.

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